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Summer Productions is an award-winning full service production and post production company with over 30 years experience of cross-platform filmmaking and storytelling.

Summer Productions offers a complete range of services that include broadcast documentary television, commercials, PSAs and shorts, transcription, translations, voice-overs, graphics for television and internet, multimedia tailored for internet, podcast, and strategic marketing and market research. We've produced thousands of documentaries and won hundreds of awards!

Our Services

Our Services

Over 30 years, we've learned how to help our clients with the production of powerful content.  Contact us. We'll develop a proposal, budget and timeline that works for you.


Summer Productions has traveled the world creating award winning documentaries, commercials, feature films, television shows and everything in-between  


Summer Productions can create a customized campaign to suite your needs including events, documentary video, print, commercials, viral social media, websites and live video. 

Marketing and Market Research

Looking for a way to distribute your shows.  We've done it... from the Jumbotron in Times Square to ad buys on major networks, we can help.


" Even as I am telling will not cry at work, you will not cry at work, the tears were pouring down my face. It is hugely emotional, powerful, and beautiful. It tells quite a compelling story."

Alana Clemens

Every Breath Counts

We've worked with hundred of companies, government entities and nonprofits all over the world.  Size doesn't matter to us.

Our Clients


Contact Us

Jonathan Lawhead


Address. 4506 Jensen Place, Fairfax VA 22032

Tel. 703 598-5269

Jonathan Lawhead is an award-winning documentary producer and director with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of documentary production, distribution, fundraising and marketing.  For Jonathan, the common denominator is compelling and passionate storytelling and high quality production and design. 

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